4 Lesson n°3

4.1 Translation

Français English
J’ai passé mon enfance à Paris. I spent my childhood in Paris
J’ai fait un stage de deux mois dans une entreprise l’année dernière. I did an internship for two months in a company last year
Je voudrais faire un stage dans une entreprise près de chez moi. I would like to do an internship in a company close to home.
Pourquoi n’as-tu pas appelé cette entreprise? Why did you not call that company?

4.2 Offset printing: conjugations

Download offset-conj.pdf

4.3 Individual interviews

Get ready to answer the following questions in English:

  • Where did you spend your childhood?

  • What are your favourite subjects here at Estienne?

  • What are your least favourite subjects here at Estienne?

  • What option would you like to choose, and why?